Have you tried our East Coast Sustainable Dairy range?

Health Article from Australia. Published by anonymous on Thursday 27 August 2020.

Have you tried our East Coast Sustainable Dairy range? image

Our aim is to promote the two different farming areas, the Goondiwindi Region in SW QLD, and the Mid-North Coast of NSW. There are many key areas to highlight, from both regions.

Soil heath- the structure and nature of the soils, is incredibly different. The organic matter on the coast is oozing with microbes and earthworms. A true farmer’s delight. The soils in QLD are well draining soils, that also produce incredibly healthy and nutritious plants.

Climates-our coastal place is like a rain farm, with a 200- acre sub-tropical rainforest. It is a pristine and beautiful nature reserve. The day time temperature hovers around 26 degrees, all year round. Our cows on the QLD/NSW border, are able to roam our paddocks daily, along the border rivers. It is a peaceful place for our cattle, and our stocking rate is, comparatively, really low.

Treading gently on the land is achievable at both locations. We are working on carbon assessments for both locations, as we are wanting to substantiate our carbon positive operations.

The different waterways are remarkable, and their sources/headwaters. Both locations have majestic waterways.

The biodiversity is astounding. For instance, our SW QLD farms are alive with herds of emus, and pods of kangaroos. The bird life is magical at both locations, especially the pelicans on the Dumaresq River, they take your breath away.